Zanna in Iswa, 2022, Performance with Wearable Sculpture, 35 minutes

Collaboration with musician Jae Quisol
at the Minor Aesthetics: Queer Asian Diasporic Symposium at Duke University.

This performance piece delves into the intimacies of queer familial love, chosen lineages, and joyful death. Through the use of installation, wearable sculpture, and live musical performance, we create a dreamscape that embraces the passing of life. Here, death is a transformative opportunity to meet our hidden and future chosen families.

The use of wearable sculpture in this piece serves as a tool for gender expansion and bodily transformation. Throughout the performance, we interact and reconfigure these sculptural pieces into a landscape, feminine armor, masculine armor, and a burial vessel. In this process, we dream to expand and dissolve gender into the realms of death and spiritual evolution.